Friday, 12 April 2013


I’m no expert on getting labour started, although being 16 days overdue I had my fair share of experience. It seems to me that the baby will arrive when it wants to – I read that the baby itself ‘releases the hormone’ which gets birth going, so you have to trust nature and the baby’s decision about when in will come into this world.

After trying pretty much every old wives tale on the how-to-start-labour list, it was eventually eating an entire pineapple which coincided with my waters breaking (but that was probably just a coincidence).

I wanted to let it start naturally, which in my case would have been the safest way – induction drugs really aren’t nice, and carry risks themselves. I spoke to the doctors about it and (because everything seemed healthy) they were supportive in my decision to say no to induction and said that the system to induce labour after a certain time was based on statistics; in reality every woman can be different.  In fact, lots of more recent research being done shows that induction can itself cause problems:

The worst part about being overdue was coping with it mentally. It may seem like a little thing, but most are blissfully unaware of what its like to be overdue. Try leaving this site open on your laptop for people to see.

I tucked myself away and went on lots of walks with my boyfriend. I eventually stopped answering my phone too! I’ve heard of lots of women who start some sort of project to pass the time. In hindsight, I would say just try to enjoy the time and minimise stress. Eat healthy (try pineapples!), sleep lots and go for walks! A friend's dad told me "Oh, don't worry! She'll come out with a better finish this way."

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