Thursday, 15 November 2012


Maybe I was lucky, because I didn't get any stretch marks from pregnancy. Or maybe my love of beauty products finally paid off. Here are some of my favourite products to keep stretch marks away...

Dermatologist recommended!
A dermatologist I was on holiday with told me that Aveeno is the best high-street product you can buy for dry skin. I swear by it, and since its so cheap, I always keep the cupboard stocked up. Aveeno Oil is brilliant, because you can use it in the shower and the bath. It creates a lovely milky wash, so there's no need to use soap. It stopped my skin from feeling the effects of those many, many baths I soaked in throughout pregnancy. 

For when you want to feel like a Moorish princess
This oil smells amazing. This was great in the last trimester when I felt tired and fed-up. When your other-half refuses to massage you for 'just 5 more minutes' go and take a bath in this REN Rose Otto Oil, its just as good. 
Natural skin care
Before you bath/shower, use a body brush on your bum and thighs to stop cellulite and stretch marks. Use long, upwards strokes. Beauty gurus say that by body brushing eliminates toxins by stimulating circulation and the lymph system. 

The knight in shining armour
This cult product's ability to treat and prevent stretch marks is a modern wives tale. I used Bio Oil twice a day (morning and evening) from the beginning of the second trimester, and whether or not it stopped me developing stretch marks will remain a mystery. But I don't have any, so...

Shea butter deliciousness
This moisturiser is made with grape seed butter and shea-butter, a natural product said to prevent stretch marks. I sometimes find that shea-butter based creams are too heavy, but this one sinks in to your skin quickly. Its the best Caudalie product I've discovered yet. 

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