Friday, 16 November 2012


There is so much stuff out there saying what you shouldn't eat when you're pregnant that I've decided to focus on what you should (/could) eat. 

I believe that getting the vital nutrients throughout pregnancy is important, but know that it's sometimes difficult given your general aversion to food (especially in the first 3 months). So I took a simple folic acid tablet, and a DHA supplement throughout pregnancy, just to cover my back if I really wasn't up to eating much. 

I thought of posting a few recipes myself based on this list, but I thought, no, I'll make better of it and include links to my favourite recipes from around the web. So if you can face it, here is my ULTIMATE PREGNANCY NUTRITION LIST!: 

Folic Acid
For the healthy development of the baby's spinal cord

For the production of DNA

B Vitamins
Contributes to a healthy immune system and helps maintain normal blood formation, which is important for the blood supply during pregnancy

Helps to support the development and function of the baby's brain and eyes
  • Salmon ~ Salmon Rosti Fish Cakes
  • Algae is a source of DHA omega 3’s that even vegans find suitable, and can be purchased as a supplement product.

Encourages energy production, prevents too much bleeding at the birth, helps the growing baby form healthy blood and store iron for the first few months after birth. It is also important in the production of good breast milk

A growing baby needs a lot of calcium to make new bones, especially in the last few months of pregnancy

Has long-lasting effects on a baby's ability to learn and remember – and may even provide some resistance to mental illness

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