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It’s really worth having a look at HypnoBirthing when you’re pregnant. When I told people I was reading about it, they’d immediately assume from the name ‘HypnoBirthing’ that it was some sort of hippy dippy fad. But it isn’t as airy fairy as you’d expect. It’s a complete antenatal education and one which is far more truthful and useful than the conventional antenatal classes. In fact, I think it’s probably going to be the future of antenatal courses. Here's an article about it from the Royal College of Midwives Journal.

I can’t talk about the full-package experience of a hypnobirthing practical course, because there were no practitioners in the area that I live in. But I did read the book and practise the techniques taught on the tape at home.

In the end, my labour totally didn’t go to plan, I ended up having a Pitocin drip and an epidural (which was literally my worst nightmare as I have an absolutely awful phobia of needles). But I was pretty calm considering the situation and would do it all over again.

Marie Mongan, the founder of hypnobirthing, goes over the history of childbirth and argues that the ‘pains’ we feel during contractions are, ultimately, because of fears instilled in us over centuries. She constantly drives home the point that this is what our bodies are made to do and that we should embrace the whole experience and see it as something natural rather than medical.

The methods (breathing techniques, visualisations etc.) in hypnobirthing are designed to override the ‘flight or fight’ response your body has when you are scared. When you’re scared, blood rushes to your vital organs and away from the uterus, where it is needed, and the breathing exercises Mongan teaches help to stop this from happening, helping you to have a more comfortable time.

If you're worried about giving birth you need to read this book!

One example is the breathing you’re supposed to do whilst having a contraction. Breathe in for 20 seconds using your stomach, and then breathe out for 20 seconds using your stomach – physiologically this helps the contraction along, and psychologically tells your brain that you are not scared. I found that it really worked and the midwives were super impressed!

Obviously I'm only scraping the surface of what HypnoBirthing is like, so here are some resources for you to look at:

And here's a video of Jessica Alba on The Ellen DeGeneres Show talking about her pregnancy and HypnoBirthing experience

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